Monday, April 25, 2011

Anachrosnistic Grappling Performance!

So we were the opening act of the Anachronism Steampunk Event at Webster Hall on Sunday April 10.

We entered with a cast that was shy a few members, for various reasons, so we switched some roles around and shortened the show a bit. We had to eliminate "Hamlet" and "Princess Bride/Buttercup," and "Romeo/Tybalt/Mercutio." Almost every other scene was performed with alternates in at least one role. But since we had been working on these scenes with the alternate performers they came off well, some even better than they had at the Wicked Faire. Of particular note was "Who's on First," which, because of the particular physical skills of the alternate performer, wound up a much more physical scene. The alternate for "On the Waterfront" actually shows potential for an interesting new angle on the scene.

I sang a song before the performance (since the theme of the party was "Return to Candyland," I did my "M&M Song"), and after the performance we held a few challenge matches and exhibitions. The crowd ate the whole thing up. Once again, they cheered and laughed at all the right moments and made us look forward to our next performance at a Steampunk event.

In all, it was a good performance experience to continue building on, and proved the flexibility of the cast and the show, as well as its popularity with the Steampunk world.

Here are the highlights of the performance...

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